About R.L. Spellman

R.L. Spellman Manufacturing was started shortly after World War II in Urbana, OH by R.L. Spellman.  R.L. applied his machining skills to making high quality punches for the growing post-war manufacturing sector in the central Ohio region.  The readily available high quality raw materials and R.L.’s skill in the machining were an ideal combination for producing high quality tools. 

As the business grew, R.L.’s three sons all worked in the business growing up. Upon R.L.’s passing, his son Bill took over the running of the company and continuing in his father’s footsteps. Bill continued to grow the business and expanded to national distribution.

In 2008, R.L. Spellman Manufacturing was acquired by The Rehn Company of Toledo, Ohio and moved from Urbana, OH to Toledo, OH.  The acquisition brought with it greater machining capability and the depth of The Rehn Company, founded in 1929.  The acquisition allowed R.L. Spellman Mfg. to bring almost every operation in-house, continue to use American made steel and make R.L. Spellman more environmentally friendly.

The Rehn Company in an effort to reduce the environmentally hazardous waste caused by the black oxide process used by R.L. Spellman switched to a bake on rust preventative, a much more environmentally friendly process.

As R.L. Spellman looks to the future, the company continues to challenge itself to become more efficient and more environmentally friendly while maintaining the high standard of quality and service.